Why Have Tourist Attraction Prices Risen In London?


2016 might feel like ancient history today. With the world having changed so much over the last few years, tourist-centric cities like London and its many London hotel offers have increased in price substantially. Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time since before the pandemic or its your first time in the city, you might be a little surprised at the price hike of some of the most popular attractions. 

This blog will explore some of the major price changes since 2018, 2016 and even further back, and will explore why this is. We’ll also take a look at some of the ways that guests staying at the Montcalm at the Brewery can save money whilst visiting the English capital. 

Price Comparisons – 100

Over the last five years, prices in the city of London have increased by an average of £1.77 which, when you break it down, is in line with inflation over the last few years. One of the highest price hikes since 2016 has been the Tower of London and the London Eye, which have both risen by about £7 to £8 for off peak tickets. Lesser increases in price include the London Zoo, which has risen in price by an average of £1.05p and the Emirates Airline, which has risen from £3.40 to £4.

Why Have Prices Gone Up?

Prices in London have risen for a variety of reasons. Whilst many attractions used the COVID 19 pandemic lockdowns to improve their facilities and exhibitions in London, others have had to increase their prices to assure the stability of their business. London saw no tourism for a good year or so, and many companies such as hotel accommodation near Brewery Road and all across central London, had to rely on government loans and grants to survive.

Further to this, the cost of living, energy prices and the lack of business over the year of 2020 means that over time, prices for attractions have had to rise to accommodate increased demand on monthly bills. Naturally, this all equates to higher prices for ticketed events and attractions in London.

Saving Money In London

Saving Money In London

So how does one save money on attractions in London? Whilst many ticketed landmarks and museums will require you to pay to visit them, there are ways that guests of Montcalm Hotel deals can save even more money than the great value rooms we offer.

Book In Advance

First off, visitors planning on doing some sightseeing in the city should plan their itinerary in advance. Off peak and advance tickets for attractions such as the London Eye will be far better value for money than if you leave it till the day. Furthermore, deals such as the London Pass, which gives you access to attractions such as Windsor Castle, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey for one bulk price can save you around £400 depending on the length of time you buy the pass for. 

Free Museums And Attractions

Free Museums And Attractions

It’s worth remembering that there are a range of state and privately run attractions and museums in London that have permanent exhibitions that are completely free to visit. These include the Tate Galleries, the British Museum and the three museums on Exhibition Row.