Why you should bet during the Rugby World Cup


If you’re a fan of Rugby, then you’ll most likely be aware that the Rugby World Cup 2015 is taking place this year in London. Here, we’ll give you a guide on how you can best navigate the scene, and do some spread betting. It’s a growing trend in the country, and unlike traditional betting, the profit or loss changes depending on how accurate the prediction of an outcome is. Horseracing and Football are the two biggest betting markets, but Rugby is slowing coming up. Those looking to add a bit of spice to the event would do well by betting on a few games.

The event kicks off on the 18th September 2015, with England facing Fiji at Twickenham stadium at 8pm. The whole occasion will give many people the chance to not only enjoying one of the biggest, most celebrated sporting events in the world – but also the opportunity to make a lot of profit. To do well though, you will have an accurate knowledge of the team’s histories and the competition rules. What’s interesting is that there are many matches that are very one sided. Those who have an understanding of the different teams playing can be confident when they make bets that they will win – depending of course on which teams are playing also the teams can stay at hotels near Rugby World Cup.

To do well in betting in Rugby, you will want to make you’re up to speed with the competition rules. You’ll also want to take advantage of handicap markets and study the historical form of the teams. And then you’ll also want to consider the different styles of play. Of course, with all betting, there’s an element of luck and risk involved. Those who like enjoy the rush of betting; will find that the Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest stages from which to place your bets.

In summary, if you’ve never betted on Rugby before, and don’t have an astute knowledge of the sport, you have to be realistic in the sense that you likely won’t do well betting huge sums on multiple games. Nevertheless, we still recommend you place a few bets, especially if you’re fanatical about Rugby. Those who have an accurate knowledge of the different teams, and have betted before, would do well by experimenting with the new style of betting. The Montcalm at the brewery London city is one of the best accommodations in central London, and gives you close vicinity to the many stadiums that are hosting the games. They include venues such as the Olympic stadium and the Twickenham stadium. Besides, staying in Central London gives you access to the best restaurants and attractions in the capital.