Why you should climb the O2 Dome


There are many skyscrapers in London, but few give you the chance to climb yourself up there– without the need for a lift or stairs. The o2 Dome in Greenwich Peninsula is the answer to what many find missing in skyscrapers; adventure. The scenic climb thrills even the biggest adrenaline junkies, and at the same time, it also provides a fantastic view of the city’s skyline.

O2 Dome
While the attraction might not be as high as say the London Eye, or the Shard, that’s made up for by the sheer amount of delight you’ll experience at climbing what seems to be unclimbable. After all, if you’d just seen the attraction from the get-go, you would likely the doubt the possibility of climbing it being an actual option.

Luckily, London never fails to surprise and delight its visitors, and over the last few years, the o2 Dome, formerly the Millennium Dome has been open both for visitation and being climbed. The attraction starts with a fifteen-minute safety briefing by the instructors, followed by ten minutes taken to prep yourself. You’ll be wearing a harness and boots so that you’re safe throughout the experience. So while you will be climbing the o2 dome, rest assured that you’d be strapped to a zip wire to ensure you stay on the attraction and not off.

Even for those who aren’t big on spiking their fear meters and testing their comfort zone, this attraction is easier to climb than it might first seem. It’s nothing like a theme park ride, rather, it’s an attraction that provides visitors with a novel way to see the city. With the guided instructions from your instructor, you’ll feel in comfort (with just a small dose of fear) on every step of your journey up to the top.

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