You too will fall in love with the United Kingdom


Wondering where to go for your next holiday? Visit Britain. You won’t be alone in your choice. An impressive 30 million visitors come to our shores each year, and surely, 30 million people can’t be wrong!

There are so many things to see and do in the UK countries and cities. Whether you are after a traditional, imaginative, cultural or even a shopping experience, Britain has it all.

For those who love tradition and heritage, you will find plenty on offering in terms of the Royal attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, the Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, and much more. You will get to know one of the most popular royal families in the world, and gain an insight into their glorious and sometimes scandalous past.

Britain’s castles provide another way to discover the country’s heritage. These are often dramatically situated and are scattered all over the land. You can stick to the capital castles such as the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle and the Cardiff Castle, or visit Northumberland where there are over a dozen fortresses. Those who dare could even visit haunted castles, of which the Glamis Castle in Scotland and the Chillingham Castle in Northumberland are most famous.

Lovers of literature will no doubt keep themselves busy with the best of the Shakespeare attractions. The three must-see places include Shakespeare’s birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Hall’s Croft, which are all located in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Art enthusiasts on the other hand, will fall in love with visits to the many theatres, museums and galleries up and down the country. Those who admire writers can also pay a visit to the Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey, where the greatest writers such as Chaucer, Kipling and poet Tennyson has been buried.

There are endless shopping opportunities in the UK, with something to suit all budgets. You will find countless high street fashion stores on Oxford Street and Regent Street in London. Luxury travellers can indulge in the boutiques in Mayfair, while those who love meandering in marketplaces will love Portobello and Camden markets.

There is so much more on offer in Britain, come for a holiday and discover it yourself!