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Rose Petals Turn down service

"Love and a red rose can't be hid."
Thomas Holcroft

It can often can be quite the creative challenge to express everythig that you want to say. Roses are a great way to say it all.

Rose petals always say the right thing , every time, every occasion.

At The Montcalm at the Brewery London City we present a unique way to add that exquiste touch of affection. Our exclusive rose petal turndown menu, offers a choice of rose petals in variety of colours, that will be beautifully arranged across the bed in your room. A perfect surprise for absolutely any occasion.

Choose from intense romantic classics to a more delicate hue:

Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Gentle and graceful, baby pink petals are a heartflet symbol of happiness, gratitude and admiration.

Ivory with a pink edge

Ivory with a pink edge

A beautiful harmony symbolising togetherness and fidelity.




With tones of noble purple, lilac roses have come to symbolise the rapture one feels with love at first sight.

Classic Red

Classic Red

The enduring emblem of romance, red rose petals rarely fail to enchant.


Damson Velvet

Damson Velvet

Deeper, darker and a little more passionate, damson velvet petals are a statement of the soul.


An exquisite rose petal turndown arrangement is a prefect treat for any occasions. Not just for Valentines day or popping the question! It could be a birthday treat for Mum, your sister or a friend. It is also a lovley way to says congratulations on mile stone cleberation or a fantastic achievement.Each of the differently coloured petals say a something different. Add that unique touch to a great stay at The Montcalmat the Brewery London City.

Our Guest experience team looks forward to helping you. Contact us on guestexperience@themontcalmlondoncity.co.uk.

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