10 Reasons Why Rajasthan is Perfect for Solo Travelers?


Rajasthan is an important tourist city in India; it is famous for its rich culture, palaces and forts. Following are top 10 reasons you should pick Rajasthan as your solo travel destination.

1. Festive atmosphere– Rajasthan is a land of festivals. Annually a lot of festivals are celebrated like Pushkar Fair, Desert Festival, Gangaur Festival, Nagaur Festival and many more. In Jodhpur, at hotels traditional folk music and dance is held in every evening.

2. People-Friendly– People in Rajasthan are very friendly, their warmth, smiles will melt all your hesitation.

3. Open-minded and respectful locals– Rajasthan is a very conservative state but still locals respect visitors very much. Women are respected there very much. They receive guests with reverence.

4. Personal Space– People there give you, your personal space to do your own things. If you are doing your work, they won’t disturb you.

5. Good Accommodation Options– Rajasthan has guest houses, budget hotels, luxury hotels and home stay. You will have a true ‘Rajasthan’ experience.

6. Ideal for Slow Travel– You doesn’t have to go to every monument, you can relax at your hotel, explore local markets, and their local life is very fascinating, catch glimpse of sunrise.

7. Variety of Things to see and Do– There is lot of stuffs to do, dine at Ambrai restaurant, panoramic view of Udaipur, watch sunset at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and wandering in the alleys of Jaisalmer Fort.

8. Free WiFi– All hotels in Rajasthan have free WiFi. It helps in traveling solo.

9. Pick-up service by Hotels– Hotel staff comes to receive you at train station.

10. Safe and inviting– Rajasthan is safe for solo traveling. Desert camping staff, camel riders all care a lot for their customers.