5 FREE London Activities for Kids

Kids in london

London is a fantastic city for all the family. From dinosaur parks, to interactive science museums, to petting zoos, to Harry Potter theme parks – London has it all! And do you want to know what the best bit is? A lot of these incredible attractions are FREE, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending too much money when exploring London as a family.

Today, we’re here to enlighten you on all the incredible family orientated activities this city has to offer! So, without further ado, here are our 5 top FREE activities to with your kids in London.

1. Art Galleries

We know what you’re thinking… “Aren’t art galleries a bit grownup for my kids to enjoy?” When picturing an art gallery, you may picture a deadly quiet gallery room where no one is allowed to talk. You may picture a rather humourless man stroking his beard as he examines a highly intellectual painting that you don’t really get. Everything is pristine…and terribly serious. Art galleries get a bad rep for being a bit ‘stuffy’ – but that’s not the case. Not in the slightest. Take your kids to one of London’s many prestigious galleries for a London experience like no other. Remember, if you’re children are under 12 they get free access in ANY exhibition taking place in London!

The National Gallery London

Places such as The National gallery have lots of kid friendly services that will without a doubt entertain and engage your children. Before heading off to the National Gallery, go on their website and print off one of their fun downloadable kid guides. These guides are a great funducation tool; teaching your children about the history of art, whilst also making it super fun. What more could you ask you?

For as little as 4 GBP, you could also purchase a child friendly audio guide headset. These guides are educational, but certainly NOT dry. They are filled with jokes, silly riddles, games, quests and tasks. Your children will have the best day out at the National Gallery!

2. Parks

Take advantage of all the beautiful parks that adorn London’s cityscape. Parks are a great place to have a lazy day stroll, a game of pirates by the lake, or a picnic under the shade of a tree.

Hyde park in london

Hyde Park, for example, is a stunning 350-acre wide park perfect for taking your kids to. Hyde Park is one of London’s oldest reserves, originally created to be the hunting ground for King Henry VIII. Nowadays, it’s a great place to feed some ducks and have a peaceful family day out.

Diana WalkThis park is also home to several FREE family friendly attractions. For example, there is the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, which was built to pay tribute to the late Princess and express love of children. This playground has a full-size pirate that stands in the middle of the site, where your children can sail the seven seas of their imagination. The playground was built on the original Peter Pan playground that was erected during the lifetime of children’s author, and British national treasure, J.M. Barrie. There are also slides, see saws and other playground facilities for the whole family to enjoy.

Remember, Hyde Park is only one of several FREE parks that will excite and inspire your children.

3. Markets

Spitalfields Market

Markets are a great way to soak in the history of London, whilst also indulging in a little bit of light holiday shopping. We’d recommend taking your kids to somewhere like Old Spitalfields Market, near Liverpool Street, during your next trip to London. This market is one of London’s oldest shopping districts, first opened over 300 years ago, and carries with it an atmosphere of Ye Olde England that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Let your kids explore the diverse range of shops and stalls on display – from gorgeous antiques, to little cake shops, to live open air gigs, this place has everything! Not only is Spitalfields Market FREE to enter, but it’s also open 7 days a week. So, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your day out with the kids, Spitalfields Market will always be an option. On Saturdays the market has a themed day, check out their website to find out what it is this week!

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4. City Farms

Take your kids for a fun day out at one of London’s many city farms! At a city farm, your children can pet, feed and play with a large variety of cute farm critters – including baby rabbits, pigs and even a llama or two if you play your cards right.

We’d recommend taking your kids to Deen City Farm, located near Morden in South London. You will find all your favourite furry friends here at Deen City Farm – AND there is also a fantastic gift shop, homemade jams and deli treats available! There are over 150 animals that live at Deen City Farm, including cows, pigs and friendly alpacas. Cuddle a sleeping lamb or go for a pony ride during your next trip to Deen City Farm.

It’s fun for all the family and FREE to visit. Make sure to bring some 2 pounds for the pony ride though!

5. Museums

Natural History Museum

London is brimming with free museums that will excite and entertain your children. See some real life dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum, or visit the Science Museum for an interactive look at how our world works. Museums such as the V&A Museum have fantastic family trails to help you on your cultural excursion, as well as a host of family friendly workshops that you can take part in during the weekends and summer holidays. Make sure to take advantage of the immense wealth of museums London has to offer. It’ll make your family holiday a memorable one!