A compact tour of London


So you’ve narrowed it down from a long list of central London hotels and booked your accommodation for your upcoming London trip, but how will you fill your days? With so much to see and do around the great city of London, you’ll need to plan out your days properly in order to get the most out of your little trip.

Arriving on day one

This will more than likely be the day you arrive in London, and you should allow for any tiredness incurred from travelling, especially if you are travelling with little ones. It is therefore wise to plan sparsely for this day of the trip. Don’t try and cram too much in or you’ll probably just end up exasperated, frustrated and perhaps even disappointed. The first thing you’ll want to do is to locate your hotel, check in and make yourselves comfortable in your room whilst you get a feel for your surroundings. A favourite thing to do on the first day of a trip to London is to take a ride on the famous London Eye. It can be delightful in the afternoon but is just as breath taking by moon light. This is an exciting treat for adults and children alike and it will enchant them without over exciting them, which means that everyone will be able to get a good night’s sleep before a full day of exploring tomorrow. If you are not so great with heights, then a walk past parliament can be just as impressive. At night time it is beautifully illuminated to really show case the famous landmark, Big Ben.

Time to explore

Many central London Hotels include breakfast with their room rates, so the first thing you should do before anything else, is to fuel up with a hearty English breakfast. If you planning to hit the shops, you should aim to get there just after opening, this is around 9am in the majority of shops. Stores can get busy between 11am and 3pm so if you get anxious around crowds, then you should avoid the likes of Oxford Street around this period at all costs and shop later on in the day.

If you plan to shop later in the evening then you should spend the day enjoying the hot tourist spots that London has to offer. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go to the Tower of London or The London Science Museum, so head there first and shop later. Although you should note that the science museum is busiest on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so it may be better to make this an afternoon trip. Your first full day in London is also an opportune time to take a cruise on the River Thames; you could time this for around lunchtime as you can opt to enjoy a three course meal whilst on board. The evening is best spent enjoying a beautifully cooked meal in one of London’s top restaurants whilst sipping on a well-deserved glass of wine, before heading back to your luxury hotel for an amazing night’s sleep.

More to see and do

Enjoying breakfast together is often a major perk of travelling with someone; it’s also an opportune time to plan out the day ahead to incorporate things that you both wish to see and so into the day’s itinerary. If you have children then you may wish to consider visiting the London Aquarium, which houses many species of sea life in a fun and engaging way for children and adults alike to learn about life under the sea it’s fun and educational!

Afterwards you could visit parliament to see English grandeur at its finest as it is just a short walk away. Or, if you’re intending on hitting the shops again, you should be sure to take a trip to Harrods, London’s flagship luxury store, which is located near the Ritz. On your last day in London, you should have ticked off quite a few things on your list of things to see and do on your trip.

If you haven’t already done so, you could finish off your adventure with a trip to see the Queen, or at least her residency, at Buckingham Palace. The likelihood is that you probably won’t catch a glimpse of Her Royal Highness, nor in fact any of the Royal family, but you will get to take a picture of the guards at the palace, and once again strike it through on your list of tourism spots to visit.