A place for all ages? Why London is a supreme destination for seniors


London’s often labelled as a ‘young person’s city’. Well, it’s true that its vibrancy, urgency, fast pace and ever-changing nature makes it a haven for the young, but it also offers many an appealing attraction for older generations too…

bus tour

A Central London bus tour

Hopping on a tourist-focused bus is a great way to see the sights of the centre of the capital. Such bus services are often referred to as ‘hop on, hop off’ buses, owing to the fact you can get on and off them as you see fit at any point along their route – and use several of them during a day of sightseeing. Indeed, they serve as a fine starter to a short-break spent in the city, not least because they can help you realise what piques your interest and so where you might want to revisit for a closer look another day.

A Thameside walk

A leisurely walk is good exercise for anyone, of course, but especially for people who are – shall we say? – older than they’d like to be. And, should you be visiting London, one of the most pleasant, agreeable and stimulating walks you can take is along the Thames Path. We advise giving it a go through its Central London stretch; it’s very easy to reach via a short journey on the Tube, especially if you’re staying at one of the luxury hotels London, like The Montcalm Brewery hotel on Chiswell Street London. So, what’s there to enjoy? Well, along the South Bank you can take in the delights that are Tower Bridge, The Globe theatre, the Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge, the Waterloo Bridge book fayre, the London Eye and Westminster Bridge; while, on the northern bank, you’ll pass the likes of the Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Somerset House and, of course, the Houses of Parliament. Moreover, there’s plenty of benches, refreshment stalls and cafés and street entertainers along the way. Who could say no to all of that, honestly?

Royal park

Explore the Royal Parks

What better to discover in the capital – especially Central London – than its Royal Parks. To be perfectly honest, such peaceful, engaging and beautiful wide-open spaces are the vast Hyde Park, the charming Kensington Gardens, the beguiling St. James’s Park, the tranquil Green Park and the elegant Regent’s Park, that they make for perfect places to visit whatever the season. That is, whether you give them a go in the reawakening spring, the luscious summer, the naturally colourful autumn or the chilly but possibly snow-topped, atmospheric winter. Note: serenely quiet Green Park is especially noted for all its deck chairs – and, at its southern end, a decent view of Buckingham Palace.

Churchill War Rooms

Fancy exploring the subterranean centre from which Britain’s legendary wartime PM Winston Churchill led the country during WWII? Yes, it’s true; you can descend into the bowels of the earth beneath Whitehall and walk around this maze of underground 1940s offices, soldier and VIP quarters and military operations rooms. It includes not just a classic ‘map room’ where troop, naval and air-force movements were plotted, but also the canteen (doubling as a modern-day café and gift shop) and even Churchill’s own office-cum-bedroom, complete with the mirror in which he looked at himself to shave. Effectively a bunker, the feeling of claustrophobia and wartime tension still feels the air. Atmospheric is most certainly the word!