Alternative London Experiences


There are few places like London –where you can enjoy more attractions than you can imagine, discovering what it means to be in the best city in the world. In this post, we’ll explore some of the unique, alternative London experiences. Perhaps you’ve visited the city before, and you’re looking for a change from the usual main tourist attractions. Luckily, there’s a lot to discover, and while a lot of the attractions we will explore won’t be as well-known, they each have something exceptional to offer.

London View From Sky Garden
The Sky Garden in London is the city’s highest public garden, and the unique public space, with observations decks and an open-air terrace, offers full circle views of the capital. During the sunset, you can enjoy a glittering view of London’s skyline as the sun sets. Edible Cinema, collaboration between Soho house and Teamtime production, provides movie goers with creative food for the right moments during selected scenes of a movie.

Exploring Shoreditch London

Party in the past, is an event for people who want to dress up in retro clothing, rewind the time, and experience a party from 90s and past and can be found in Shoreditch – and that makes sense considering the alternative nature of the area.

Retro Parties
Inamo restaurant has been described as a futuristic dining utopia. Visitors place orders from an illustrated food and drinks menu, that’s projected right on to the dining table – which allows them to set the mood they want. The Pan Asian menu features Korean lamb, black cod in spicy miso, and much more.

Bubble football is perfect for visitors who are looking to enjoying a group experience. The concept of the game is simple; each player dons a giant bubble and has fun as they bounce of each other. It’s a funny concept to try and imagine, but it’s an experience worth having.

The up at o2 experience is perfect for adrenaline junkies who also want to get an incredible view of the city. It allows visitors the opportunity to ascend the entertainment venue, as a guide helps you ascend. Each person with have be hatched to a line and be donning a climbing suit and harness.

Street Art London
If you’re looking to release your inner Banksy, and want to explore some of the hidden art treasures that scatter the city – consider taking a street art tour and workshop. Expert guides will be on hand ready to show you some of the exquisite work that sometimes goes unnoticed. Consider staying at The Montcalm London city at the Brewery hotel, the perfect accommodation London city for guests looking to enjoy an indulgent stay in the capital. Book your stay this season, and discover the alternative London experiences that can be found across this city.