Any time is the best time, rain or shine, snow or blossom!


London is one of the cities that are wonderful all year round, no matter when you visit you are sure you love all that you see and do.

I have two very different and favourite times to visit London, the first is in the summer, everyone is fresh, friendly, smiling, happy and enjoying the temperatures that London offers, sometimes as high as the mid 30s, though, if you are not a fan of the heat you should definitely take a trip in the spring time, the royal parks are beautiful when they start to blossom, there is something magical about seeing a bunny or squirrel on its first outdoor venture, flowers opening and welcoming the first glimpses of sun light, the beauty of the city is revealed before your eyes.
My second favourite time to travel to London is during the winter, when Christmas is approaching and people are celebrating, the lights are lit and the trees are decorated, the markets are open and food stalls are hot, mulled wine to warm you, and the crisp air is fresh, Hyde park is a wonderland and the ice rink is fun, Santa is coming and everyone knows it, there is something more magical about the whole season when you have experienced London at Christmas.shutterstock_25570066

There isn’t a specific time for you to visit London or a best time, it all comes down to personal preference, if you enjoy the weather and you want to see the views from the Shard or the London Eye then you should do in the spring or summer to be able to get the best views, if you like to wrap up and get cosy with carol singers then winter will be perfect, for me I love both times of year. The only things to remember is if you are travelling to the capital during the winter make sure it’s a dry winter weekend due to the rail networks, no one likes delays.