Enjoy Water Taxi Ride in Venice – Visit Unknown Destinations


The water taxis are one of the major attractions in Venice. The water taxis are the luxury limousines equipped with exquisitely designed wooden ships, opulent and elegant interiors and ornate detailing. The water taxi ride is a major reason why tourists from all over the world flock to Venice to enjoy the island. The water taxi also acts as a very convenient mode of transport and a luxurious one. You can hire a water taxi for the whole day and visit some of the best destinations in Venice.

Some of the Best Places where you can visit on a water taxi include:

The Main Canal of Venice

A cruise around the main canal will give you an overall idea of Venice in one go. Pre – plan for visiting the major landmarks around the main canal, namely:
•    Doge’s Palace
•    San Marco Square
•    Grand Canal
•    The Bridge of Sighs
•    Rialto Bridge

A twilight cruise in the late afternoon for enjoying the sunset is also highly recommended. When you get off the water taxi, your best bet is to get down at San Marco where you can enjoy live music with coffee and drinks of your choice.

The Murano Island

The glass – making factories at Murano is a must – visit for you along with your family. You can visit the place by a ride on the water taxi. There are live demonstrations on glass making going on, one of which you may avail of to know more about the place and the industry as a whole. If you want to do some shopping here, you may take a nice stroll along the main road and take a peek at the simply extraordinary glass artworks and glass sculptures.

The Quiet Canals

If you have an eye and mind to visit all the interior localities of Venice, you may take a cruise in the quieter canals. You must not miss the serene neighborhoods, bridges and beautiful gardens on this cruise.

The Burano Island

The Burano Island is located further away from the island of Venice and is a major tourist attraction. The place has some amazing restaurants serving delicious seafood, all prepared from freshly acquired seafood. The place is also known for its bright architecture. A visit to this place will make your trip to Venice a worth-while experience. Each spot is picture – perfect. Add to this visit a trip to the church of San Martino.