Essential Items to Pack for Your Honeymoon


You are young and madly in love and after a few dates, you both decide to get married – a fruitful culmination of your strong feelings and emotional bond. Planning for your wedding and the actual ceremony can indeed be very tiresome and all that you would be looking forward to after the hectic wedding activities would be to just get away from the scene with your partner and relax. If you have not planned your honeymoon along with your wedding planning, you will hardly have any energy left to look for a proper honeymoon destination, book your flight and your hotel and do the packing. As such it is essential that you have everything ready so that after resting for a day or two after your wedding, you can simply take off for your honeymoon without a care in the world.

Moreover, you would certainly like that your honeymoon goes off without any hassles and as such, it is important that your honeymoon planning incorporates making a check list of all items that you would need to take with you and then pack accordingly. Certainly you would not like to face a situation where you find that you have forgotten to take an important item such as a document or a medicine or even an important piece of your clothing and as a result, the whole fun of your honeymoon gets marred. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in London and staying at Montcalm London City Hotel on Chiswell Street, you will find that even if you have forgotten something, the hotel will arrange for it immediately but it may not be the case if you are going to a different destination and staying at a different accommodation. The planning for packing the essential items will however depend on the type of honeymoon that you are contemplating and the destination. If you wish to have an indulgent, fabulous honeymoon, the following useful tips will help you in deciding what to pack for the best time of your life.

Plan Ahead
If you plan early, you will not have any last-minute stress if you find that an important aspect has been missed out and then you start to arrange for the same at the last moment creating a stressful situation and negating the fun and happiness of your wedding and the impending honeymoon. You can have a lot of peace of mind if you have already investigated airline carrier’s baggage rules and health and travel advisories for your destination and taken proper steps for whatever needs to be done such as carrying a smaller suitcase of even getting certain immunisations. You should remember to call your credit card companies and cell phone providers and inform them about your plans.

Be Prepared Medically
The last thing that you can wish for is getting sick on your honeymoon and if you are unprepared for it, the whole fun of your honeymoon will vanish into thin air. As such, you should carry essential over-the-counter medicines such as pain relievers, nausea relief, anti-diarrhoea medicines, sunscreen aloe, hand-sanitiser, and insect repellent. You should also have your doctor’s prescription with you if you have any special medical condition. You should have your shots, if necessary, well in advance of your trip.

Mix and Match
You must ensure that in case one of your suitcases gets lost, you and your partner are left high and dry without any clothes and other belongings. The best option is to pack both of your belongings between two suitcases. The other option is that each of you can bring a large carry-on bag of your essentials and then share one large, checked bag with each of your remaining belongings.

Pack Light
Pack only your essentials to lighten your load and avoid paying extra baggage charges. Moreover, you will find it easy to move around with your baggage. Avoid over-sized bags and pack by outfit, choosing one outfit for each day along with a few versatile pieces that you can wear more than once. You must remember that laundry is always available. If you pick a colour scheme and stick to it, it will become easier for you to mix and match.

Keep Your Valuables Safely
You should pack something in which you can store your valuables such as a ring or any expensive item and find a secret place in your bag where you can store it safely and only you will know where to find it.

Pack Clothes According to Your Honeymoon Destination
You should pack your clothes according to the needs of the place where you are heading to. If you are going for an island honeymoon, you will be at the beach most of the time and as such you should carry more of your swimsuits. A couple of different swimsuits may be needed by ladies that they can wear according to the occasion. For the night time, maxi dresses may be ideal. You must carry beach cover ups. Men should carry swim trunks as well as a couple of T-shirts, plus a nice pair of linen or lightweight slacks. The other items that they should have are a collared shirt to wear to dinner, sunglasses and/or a hat with a wide brim.

Pack According to the Weather in Your Destination
If you are going to a cold place especially in the winter season, you must have sweaters, long underwear, wool socks, snow pants, a snow jacket, a thick winter hat, and waterproof gloves or mittens.

If you are planning a city honeymoon, you need to pack according to the activities you wish to do. If you are planning to stay at a luxury hotel such as The Montcalm London City Hotel, you should carry a suit or cocktail dress. Also take good walking shoes if you are interested in a lot of sightseeing or if you wish to explore the various markets and stores for bargain shopping or for buying antiques.

Basically, you must pack according to the purpose of your stay, the weather and the activities that you are planning.