Finding an affordable holiday deal


With the high levels of stress involved in leading a hectic professional and personal life in the city, there comes a time when we need to unwind and refresh ourselves!

Stress is one of the major causes of a variety of physical and psychological ailments and the only way to beat it is by taking a well deserved holiday.  In fact the number of individuals going on holiday trips is on the rise and this has proved to be a boon for the hospitality industry and destinations, which derive a large part of their income from tourism.

Whether a newlywed groom wants to profess the ultimate declaration of Love in the world’s ultimate city London, or a family wants to spend a fun filled holiday in Sydney, tourists are flocking to destinations all over the planet, with even plans afoot to send tourists to space. With innumerable exotic locations and places to choose from, it can be quite a challenge when deciding to make your selection. Of course prices differ considerably with some destinations being pricier, while others are relatively cheaper. Going on a holiday trip with the family can be quite expensive and can cost a hefty sum, especially if it involves travel overseas.

Travelling to any tourist hotspot in the world or to a city like London in the tourist season, will definitely incur a great deal of expense. With millions of tourists arriving in London during the peak season, hotel occupancy rates are at their highest and finding a suitable place to stay at an affordable price is highly unlikely. The ideal alternative is travelling to London in the off-season, when some of the best London hotel deals are available. Visitors and tourists to the city can stay at some of the ritziest places in London, without having to spend a fortune courtesy of London hotel deals.

Another way of enjoying a holiday that is both affordable and fun is group travel, which is great with friends or relatives. Besides being affordable it offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen bonds with individuals. Of course the primary purpose of booking a holiday trip as part of a group deal or package is the many benefits received. These include discounted costs for airline travel, hotel reservations and even at tourist attractions. Group travel is a great way to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones. There are numerous hotels and resorts that offer excellent discounts on group travel.

Whether you travel for a holiday, a business trip or even alone, it is best to try and be a part of a group to get the maximum benefit of discounts that are available. There are many different kinds of group travel packages on offer and they generally depend on the number of people travelling. There are numerous hotels that offer very attractive package deals, for those that travel in a large group of more than a dozen individuals. Montcalm Brewery Hotel London is one topmost hotel falling in this category.

There seems to be a general misconception amongst people that group travel is mainly appropriate for a large public event, business conferences or weddings. Although these are ideal for group travel, seasoned travellers and even travel agents are aware that it need not involve a very large number of participants always, to benefit. As a matter of fact, even smaller groups can make the most of deals offered by travel agencies, specifically catering to them. This is mainly done in situations like tours of historic sites or museums.

The benefit of employing the services of reputed travel agents is that most of them have strong links with professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry. This makes it possible to gain access to areas and sites that may not be otherwise available to tour, for the general public.  At locations that have very popular tourist attractions, travelling in a group could be time saving and convenient; especially in areas where there are long lines of visitors queued up to see the place. As most of these tours have tour guides that accompany the group, they offer valuable insights about the places, which visitors would   otherwise not learn about or see on their own by following a guide book.

Then of course there is the advantage of knowing that there is someone to take care of the hassle of planning the travel itinerary and making hotels and travel arrangements. Travellers can relax and look forward to having a hassle free trip, without the hassle of planning or making arrangements. It will help to save both time and money and make the holiday a more enjoyable experience.

Then of course there is the overall experience of travelling in a group. Having the company of friends, old or new can be a fun filled experience and create wonderful memories of their own.