Hotel Central London


If you’ve never visited London before, what’s kept you away? It’s the most popular city in the world, and there are reasons for this. No other city in the world can offer anything near the range of activities and entertainment, nor deliver it with an energetic, rejuvenating manner.

If it’s money that has kept you from visiting, then you have been kept away under false pretences. There is a common assumption that London is excessively expensive, but this is a fallacy originating in 19th century. In those days, people believed that the City of London was paved in gold. This was a metaphor meaning that London was a place where the poor could prosper, and the rich become even richer. Unfortunately, many took the metaphor literally and arrived in the city to find cobbled streets with very little worth. True, that for a handful, hard work and determination reaped rewards, but others lived in destitution. The people were disappointed, and returned to their families with the news that London was not a place of affluence, but rather, was a city of poverty, where the cost of living far exceeded their wealth.

From this, you can see how the rumour mill started, and to this day, people still assume that London is an expensive place to live, or visit. Indeed it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. The city is a cultural melting pot in the true sense of the word: you will find people of all ethnicities; rich people; poor people; people who are neither rich nor poor; adults, children, pensioners. Regardless of where you come from, you will find areas of London that suit you to a T.

There are plenty of ways of saving money:

· Flights into the city: because London is the most popular tourist destination, there is fierce competition between the airlines; this means that you find some of the most competitively priced tickets in the world. To put it into some perspective, it can cost as little as £200 for a return flight from New York.

· Accommodation: a hotel in central London can cost a fair amount of money, but many a city hotel London have special offers and discount rooms. Furthermore, if you travel during the off-peak season (January to June, and September to early December), you will find even further reductions.

·   The famous sights: many of London’s most prominent sights have free entry: Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard (entry into the palace itself incurs a fee), the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum; the National Theatre often shows free musicals; there are many open night comedy shows which are free to watch. Ask the reception staff of Montcalm Brewery Hotel London for details of free events during your stay.

· Food: there are thousands of places to eat in London, and they range in budget, from very cheap to very expensive.