How to choose pet-friendly hotels

dog friendly hotel

It is not always possible to leave your pet at home when you need to travel. There may not be anyone else you can trust to look after your beloved, and boarding kennels are hideously expensive.
So what do you need to take into consideration when choosing a pet-friendly 5 star Accommodation near Brewery Road London City?

Not all rooms in the hotel are pet-friendly

Just because the hotel is pet-friendly, it doesn’t mean that you and your pet can stay in any room of your choosing. Often, hotel management will only allow pet-guests in rooms that are on the ground floor or near an exit. The proximity to the outside means there is less likelihood of any mishaps or accidents occurring while you and your furry companion are on the way out.

Pet travellers may incur additional costs

Due to the extra cleaning required, hotels often charge extra for those travelling with pet-guests. Make sure you know what these fees are, and what happens should your pet cause any damage to the accommodation.

Not all pets are welcome

A pet-friendly hotel will not necessarily receive all types of pet-guests. Additionally, size might also be an issue. For example, those with large dogs that are known to be an aggressive breed will need to double check with the hotel that they are definitely comfortable with the accommodation arrangement.

Areas that are off-limits

Often pet-friendly hotels will have areas on the property that are off-limits to pets. Do find out what these are in advance. For example, pets might be prohibited from entering the on-site restaurant.
Also, there may be restrictions that apply when you and your pet are in the hotel property. These may involve leashing and kennelling rules and will differ for each hotel.

The luxury of off-leash areas

If you are staying in a property with vast grounds, it is possible that they may have an area where your pet can enjoy a play and a stroll off-leash. Although this is obviously a big plus for your furry friend, do ensure you know the boundaries to the area and duly abide by the rules.