Instagram your Magnificent Travel Ideas


There are very few people on this earth who do not love travelling, and then let all his friends know about the absolutely great adventure that they have had. The lst few years has seen tremendous development in hi – tech travel ideas. Year 2014 is definitely not going to be any different. New ideas that are very much in the air and occupy the lips of travel – lovers everywhere are “conspicuous leisure” and “creative tourism”. Now showing off your social position lies in sharing your travel experiences, rather than flaunting your wealth and properties.

Some of the most happening travel ideas of the current millennium include:

•    If you want your vacation to stand out, try to establish a connection with the local people. This will give you a lot of footage on the social front and the photographs that you post on the instagram will give you instant social success. These are the latest concepts of “conspicuous leisure” and “creative tourism”.

•    The tourism industry will be dominated by young travelers in the age group of 18 to 30 years. All over the world the number of tourists of this cross – section of ages are on the rise. These people love to visit urban destinations rather than to the wild resorts. They also love to go on personally planned and programmed tours rather than go on tours planned by travel agencies. Take the best pictures and instagram them for instant hits.

•    If you planning to tie the knot in 2014, you may want to surprise your partner with the most exotic honeymoon destination. The place ranking first in this category is the Kandolhu Island in Maldives. This is the trendiest place for the honeymooners now. So be there and shoot some superb shots for the instagram.

•    Those who love adventure and go out on vacation with the sole aim of making the most of the time, opt for such exotic and interesting sites as Cuba, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand and Antigua. Tanzania in Africa is rapidly gaining importance as a striking choice for holidaying.

•    Although the travelers today are opting for a different type of vacationing altogether, yet, the age – old practice of luxurious holidaying is not out. It is very much in vogue, where boutique hotels in all countries are offering more than just hospitality. They are helping you build an unforgettable memory with friends and family, that you will find very much worth putting up on the Instagram.