Money matters in London


London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And a London trip can be a bit heavy on the pocket if not planned well. Here are a few tips on where you can save and where should spend for a fun and refreshing holiday:

City hotels London
All those who have visited London at least once will agree that a chunk of your holiday budget is invested in the place you pick for your stay. But the good news is that the city is loaded with hotels that have occasional discounts and offers. There are also enough hostels in London. What you can also do is search your Facebook thoroughly, spot a friend who stays in London and get him or her to rent out a room for a couple of days. All this works if you are travelling alone or with friends. If you are travelling with family you might need to spend that big chunk on the hotel and save up on other things.

Restaurants, restaurants and even more restaurants
Just like the list of city hotels London offers an array of restaurants too. There are all kinds of cuisines and eateries for you to pick from. There is one for every type of budget and palate. From take-aways, to fine dining places and more, you say it and they have it.

Free museums
There is so much art and culture to explore in London. But that too comes with a price tag! The cinemas and theatres are expensive. Look out for flyers in the stores for discounts and deals on tickets. Who knows you might bag something nice. But there is no dearth the state funded museums that have no entry fee.

Shopping no spree
Though fancy brands and big names might lure you, budget your shopping. Of course you are allowed to splurge on your holiday but don’t give into buying unnecessary things. There are enough streets and shopping strips for you to flaunt some bargaining skills too. And if you are lucky enough to be in London in January, make sure you make the most of the off season sales.

Make advance bookings at The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel ; it provides pompously offers, plan a budget for stay, eat, shopping and travel. You could also get an Oyster card and budget your local travel expenses too!