Planning a successful bachelorette trip


One of the most important decisions we make in life is that of entering into matrimony. Marriage could be defined as the keystone upon which our future family life would revolve. The ceremony itself is relatively brief, but the preparations that go towards making it a success are many and time consuming. Right from choosing the venue to the bridal dress, accessories, decorations etc. among loads of other things take a lot of planning and decision making.

While the primary focus is on D-Day and organising it successfully, another aspect of considerable significance is that of the hen party or bachelorette trip. Generally it is organised by the circle of lady friends of the bride, akin to the stag party being organised by the groom’s mates. The variety of options available these days for the celebration sare numerous, and hinges on whether it is to be planned as a hen party over the weekend, or for a bachelorette trip for a longer duration.

In terms of options there are several trendy hotels within London itself,like the Montcalm London City Hotel that is a rather popular choice for hen parties in the city. They offer a range of activities for the going to be bride and her friends to really have a blast. With excellent amenities, great food and sterling customer service at a very affordable price, the Montcalm London City Hotel is an ideal venue in town for the girls to really let their hair down.

On the other hand when you are planning a trip for the bride and her social circle of close friends you could do it in style. Whether it is for three to four days or longer, you could plan the girls’ getaway to be a memorable event like no other. Of course you will need to put in a bit of time and effort to get the group together for the celebration. You could make the bachelorette trip a great success by sticking to these simple basics:

Brief the going to be bride
Springing surprises is great but not something that is to be attempted for a trip out of town. It cannot be sprung on her at the spur of the moment as we need to give her time to prepare for the trip away. She needs to be in the loop and briefed about the venue and preparations all the way. Getting married is a momentous occasion and does involve some pretty stressful times ranging from making detailed wedding decisions right up to planning the honeymoon trip. In order to ensure that there is no additional stress added, it is better to brief the bride to be in advance about the bash planned for her.

Co-ordinate with the group
Once the group is decided get in touch with those accompanying her on the trip to clarify their status, opinions and of course the budget. You need to be clear about the days of travel and the duration of their stay there. In case of those who want to join the group later you can brief them about the options available for arrivals and departure. This would make it possible to come in later and be a part of the celebrations. You could toss around a few dates to see what works best for the group members.

Do your homework
Once you have a confirmed date and guest list,you will need to get down to doing some homework. If you have planned a bachelorette trip, you obviously are pretty well aware of the bride’s likes and dislikes, her interests and the places she would like to visit. You need to firstly take into account the budget and search for suitable locations while making arrangements for accommodation and travel.When short-listing the places of interest you can add information and photographs about the place while mentioning some of the activities, attractions and nightlife etc. The final choice should be made by the bride herself.

Get moving
After the planning stage is over with the destination and dates confirmed, you now need to switch gears to the implementation mode. From confirming hotel reservations and travel arrangements, to even making reservations at restaurants (when bookings are needed) you need to line up everything. This will ensure that the entire trip will be a pleasurable experience which the bride and her guests will cherish for a long while. To simplify things you could opt to use the services of a travel agent, which will definitely reduce the burden considerably and leave you with time to attend to other important tasks.