Quirky things to do in Victorian London


We all want to go places. Some of them we’d like to visit for a week or so, while others epitomise our perfect home location. You must have wondered what it’s like to be a citizen of the most wanted city in the world. Oh, with its nonpareil touch, London transforms every newcomer into a local. Wonder no more, and book your flight.

One day, you’ll flirt with the great Big Ben, soak up the jazz beats in Soho; another day, you’ll find yourself holding your breath in front of the grandiose Buckingham Palace. During a frisky weekend, you might want to get lost in the cities many art galleries, museums and festivals of all sorts.

London is truly an international destination where millions visit the capital each year. From its rich history and stunning architectural buildings to the entertainment of the West End theatres, exclusive shopping areas like Knightsbridge, restaurants and famous landmarks, London can appeal to a broad spectrum of people. And with the hotels near Moorgate that include the Montcalm at the Brewery, London guests can experience luxury at its finest.

Eat and Drink Coffee on A Toilet
The aptly named Attendant serves inspired coffee and food perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunches featuring French toast, pastries, soups, loaves of bread, salads and cold sliced meats. This former public Victorian toilet has been refurbished and completely renovated into the comfortable and friendly dining area that it is today. For example, the original urinals have been turned into a coffee bench. It’s not too far away from the previously mentioned accommodation near Brewery London City.

Ice Bar
Forget about a generic bar and attend the cool Ice Bar where the bar, the walls, tables and even glasses is made out of crystal clear ice. It may sound a bit gimmicky, but it certainly makes a difference to regular Friday night drinks. This place will certainly tap into your senses, but you don’t have to worry about feeling too cold. You are given a jacket and gloves for a bit of warmth!

Ice Bar
Enjoy a Popup Cinema
Summer, for obvious reasons, is when pop up cinemas occur in London.  One popular pop-up cinema is The Luna Cinema where movie goers can watch movies in pretty locations. Forget about sitting in cramped and uncomfortable seats in the cinema with popcorn strewn over the place. Go outside and indulge in an open-air cinema.