Recommended places to visit near to Chiswell Street to savour the Delicacy


Dining at a restaurant providing sumptuous delicacies with utmost perfection is the choice for most of the food loving people. Chiswell Street is one of the loved area for a wide number of individuals for its large offerings in several types of restaurants. Though a large fraction chooses dine at Chiswell Street Dining Room for their ambience and friendliness of the staff. Here is a list of other restaurants locating near The Montcalm Chiswell Street.

The Foyer At Claridge’s:
To receive an amazing afternoon tea, most Brits chooses to go The Foyer at Claridge’s because of their traditional tea serving. They have several type of teas available under their property. The menu of starters, main course are amazingly well-developed to keep the diners busy in their savours. The diners of Tripadvisorhave recommended it for 92% for their all-round well doings.

21 Bateman Street:
The great pleasure of the diners is the great food within a great price range. This suits perfectly on the 21 Batemen Street which is offering Godly Greek food to its visitors with a high ranking in their heart. The style of making, the ambience and the friendlier staff is making this favourable to all those who wants to taste the delicacies of the land of the Olympics. The authenticity has made this a desirable place to indulge into the Greek savour.

This restaurant near to the Chiswell Dining Room is serving the land of the bull fighting, Spain. The menu of the restaurant consists the original Spanish foods. They serves tradition in the contemporary outlook and the Executive Heads Chef serves a special dish on every day. The amazing part is the visitors can take a sit and sip on their drink while the eyes captures the glimpse of the food ordered by them. The reviewers of Tripadvisor has rated it as their one of the favourite Spanish destination available in London.

Sushi Tetsu:
If you craving for the delicious Japanese food in London, then you must make a visit at Sushi Tatsu located near at the Chiswell Street. Most of the visitors dropped at their place rated them with high star marks for their authenticity in serving Japanese delicacies. The Sushis are the hit among the mass because of its tasty engagement. They have received 97% recommendations in Tripadvisor for their quality of food.

The Bull Steak Expert:
The Bull Steak Expert is the favoured choice for most of the steak lovers because of their amazingly curved Argential Steaks. This is the place to organise any group meeting, special occasion near to the Chiswell Street. The piece of the meat served to prepare the steak is considered as excellent for all the lovers visited. The Tripadvisor reviewers have recommended 92% times for its indulgent offering of the steaks.

Chiswell street Dining Room
Can anyone describe the visit of the Chiswell Street without mentioning Chiswell Street Dining Room? The answer is no. this British cuisine serving restaurant is preferred for its ambience and the lovely staff serving deliciously made food.