Tips on travelling with a companion with special needs


Travelling for a holiday to a new destination or location can be real fun, especially when you are with friends or family. It is a time to unwind and release all the pent up stress incurred from the hectic professional and personal responsibilities we have.

To truly enjoy a holiday at an exotic destination, you need to try to blend in to the surroundings to truly experience the sights and sounds of the place.  If you are holidaying at a foreign location or overseas, try to read up on tips to help you not to look like a tourist, which will benefit you during your stay there.

London is a terrific city to enjoy a holiday whether alone or with family and friends. There are some of the finest luxury hotels for families to stay at, which offer exceptional standards of amenities and sterling hospitality. For those who are travelling with kids with special needs, there are luxury hotels for families, which specifically cater to their needs.

A few travel tips that might come in useful, when travelling with someone with special needs are as follows:

– The trip needs to be planned well before the date of travel. There could be numerous things that need to be bought or stocked ranging from supplements of medicines, to renewing prescriptions etc.

– It would always be useful to make travel arrangements by using the services of a reputed travel agency, which has the expertise in making arrangements for travelers with special needs. The benefit of using such a service is that they have the relevant experience to make suitable arrangements.

– They also provide some very useful tips besides arranging for a variety of services to ensure the specially challenged traveler has a comfortable trip. Some of things that they arrange for include getting a wheelchair upon arrival at an airport, booking rooms that are accessible by wheelchair, getting suitable rental vehicles etc. Whether it is booking special arrangements on a cruise liner to getting travel insurance for those with special needs, every aspect is taken care of efficiently.

– From locating hotels that offer amenities suited for those with special needs to getting the most cost-effective and special needs friendly services everything is taken care of.

– Do not forget to carry the contact details of the travel agent when travelling to your holiday destination. You never know when it might come in handy to make any last minute arrangements, which could be done far more efficiently by him. Whether it has to do with any issues that arise from hotel or travel arrangements, they will be in the best position to find a quick resolution.

– Being in a foreign city or location leaves visitors in unfamiliar territory. In case there are any sudden medical requirements or a need to consult with specialists, it could pose a problem. The best thing to do is find about the medical arrangements available at your destination for those with special needs before you arrive.

– When visiting public places or sites like theatres, museums or restaurants it is best to first confirm if they offer convenient accessibility to wheelchairs. Also whether they are able to help you with a medical emergency incase one arises.

– The last thing one would want to do when on a trip with someone with special needs is to be in an emergency without prior preparation. To ensure that there are no hassles you need to double-check the arrangements in place which would cover travel and accommodation arrangements and also the places listed on the tour itinerary. It is always best to ensure to use travel agents who have made arrangements for your travel on earlier occasions. All of this needs to be done at least 4-5 days before you actually fly.

– Getting to the airport well in time is always a necessity, more so if you have to travel with a passenger with special needs. It will help to prevent any unnecessary anxiety that might buildup and make checking-in and boarding the flight a seamless experience. Leave at least 3 hours before the actual airport check-in time, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic.

– When on the plane ensure that all urgently needed medical requirements like prescriptions, eyeglasses, medication etc. is stored within a carry bag on your person at all times. In the event of an emergency they would be readily available and easy to locate, without having to wait to collect your baggage and then get access to them.

Always keep duplicate copies of medical records and contact details of the physician treating the patient.

– Try to memorize the name of medications and their use as to when they are to be administered, so that in an emergency you are well acquainted with their utility. In a medical emergency it saves time and would be useful to those who are attending to the patient.