Tips to Help You Not to Look Like a Tourist


If you are travelling to a different country for sightseeing, it is very important that you should avoid looking like a tourist because locals of the place will try to take advantage of your ignorance regarding the place and its customs and try to con you in a number of ways. Moreover, you will be gullible to their tricks and you may lose money. As such, it is necessary that before you go to a different country or city, you should spend some time researching about the place and finding out about the various accommodation options. You should try to get familiar with different types of accommodation London city, especially if you are travelling to London for your sightseeing or for spending a relaxing holiday. You should make proper online reservation in some luxury Accommodation near Brewery Road London City before you leave your place of residence. By doing so, you will appear confident when you arrive at your destination and you will not appear to be nervous like a bewildered tourist looking for a suitable place to stay.

Wear Proper Clothes and Not Travel Clothes
You can find travel-style clothes such as hiking pants in many stores and they may be great for hiking but you should avoid wearing them in cities because you will be recognised from far as a tourist and will become an easy prey for fraudsters and cheats. These clothes might have secret pockets but thieves will recognise them and be sure that you are a tourist. If you wish to avoid looking like a tourist, you should dress like the locals and if you are not sure about their dress, you can always wear stylish jeans and pants or a casual dress. Men can go in for pants with button pockets and get a money belt. Ladies can also opt for the money belt or for a purse with thick, sturdy straps that can be worn across your body. You should only use the belt for keeping back up cash and the cash for daily use can be kept in a pocket or purse that is more easily accessible.

Get GPS on Your Smartphone
You should avoid looking at road maps when you are out sightseeing but instead, get more tech-savvy and get GPS on your smartphone. You should get a map app and consult the same before leaving your hotel or better still, get proper directions from your concierge service.

Appear Confident
You should hold your head up high and not appear to be nervous, especially if you are travelling alone. Stand straight and square your shoulders and act like a traveller and not a tourist. You should look people in the eye and make eye contact when you are talking to the local people. You should do thorough research regarding the culture of the people of the place which you are visiting because some cultures believe that it is rude to look into their eyes while talking to them. However, you will appear to be confident if you look into their eye because it will give the impression that you are aware of your surroundings,

Act as if You Know the Area
If you are travelling alone, you should act like a ‘seasoned’ traveller. When you step into a restaurant or store, you should act as if you have been there before and feel relaxed instead of giving a bewildered look.

Speak to People
If you are lost, you should not be afraid of speaking to people and asking them to give directions and most importantly, you should not freak out. Act most nonchalantly and appear as if you are confident that you will find your way. You should try to strike a conversation with local people to find out about the latest restaurants and night life. You can say that you had been to the place long back and things keep changing. The locals will be all too eager to help as they will know what is happening in the area.

Read a Lot About the Place that You are Visiting Before you leave
You must make sure that you know at least the basics about the place that you are visiting, especially regarding its history. Different countries have different histories with some having more tragic histories than others, It is important to know about these histories so that you can avoid saying something that could potentially start a heated discussion. It is better to be cautious in what you say although you never know what the reaction of the people may be. It is better to be safe than sorry when you are travelling.

Travel Confidently Within Your Country Initially
If you decide that you will be confident even if you are travelling alone, you will overcome your nervousness definitely and appear confident. You should first travel within your country to places that you have never been to before. This will give you the confidence to travel internationally.