I know what you’re thinking, London isn’t exactly the prime spot for great golf courses. Having very little space for large swathes of green space isn’t the first thing you would think London could accommodate. Golf however, is one of the best sports for both family and business bonding. As a sport it is a great mix of tactics, relaxation and the great outdoors. On top of this, the more creative courses are informal, puzzle riddled and fun. The city of London is no stranger to crazy interactive puzzles, and the golf courses are no different. If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon in London, then look no further than this range of golf courses which can offer up a variety of the traditional and the mad.


Plonk Crazy Golf

Based in the trendy Brixton area of South London, the Plonk Crazy Golf course is located within the gorgeous Duke of Edinburgh pub beer garden. With 9 enticing holes to putt for, this heated marquee in one of the best pubs in the area is bound to please. What’s more, there’s plenty of food and drink on offer, you’ll have more than enough on offer for a great day out. Sit back and relax after putting your 9-hole course with a beer and some of the best pub grub in the city. The Plonk course isn’t designated to Brixton though, you can find a wide range of Plonk courses across the city and beyond. A winter edition is located in Clapham, whilst a course opens every summer in Brighton on the South East coast of the UK.

Highgate Golf Club

Highgate Golf Club is in one of the leafiest and most naturally beautiful parts of the city. With Hampstead Heath nearby, home to acres of natural conservation area, you can expect swathes of green from Highgate Golf Course. Whether you’re looking for a lovely club house offering tea time treats and great quality food or a hefty 18-hole golfing experience, the golf club will give you everything you need for a hole in one of a day. The course itself is made of large, open and diverse ground. The peaceful surroundings will make this not only a challenging course, but a therapeutic one. Exactly what you’ll need for an easy escape from the inner-city hustle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local or a guest staying at one of the Best Hotels in London, you’ll definitely be impressed by what’s on offer at the Highgate Golf Club.

Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

Resembling a theme park as much as it does a crazy golf course, the Dragon Quest in Croydon is more than fun for the whole family, it’s a design feat for the South of London. The cavernous and imposing holes will transport you to a world of daring adventure involving knights, dragons and challenging courses which will puzzle all ages. With winter passes available, the Croydon based adventure golf course is suitable for all ages old and young and will have you enthralled all day.

Dulwich and Sydenham Golf Club

With a breath-taking view over London, the Sydenham Hill based golf course is in South East London and presents guests with a wonderful 18-hole golf course. With designs from world famous golf course architect Harry Shapland Colt, you can expect nothing but quality from this course, a mere 5 miles from the city centre and easy to travel to from the city centre. With mounds, huts and ponds to traverse, this is a golf course designed by the best, but for the masses.

Dinosaur Escape

With 9 different dinosaurs and 18 holes, this adventure golf course is a well-constructed and riveting ride into the world of both the prehistoric and the cutting edge. With looming dinosaurs and cool course obstacles, you’ll be challenged by the most creative and mind-bending adventure golf courses this side of the Jurassic Period. The dinosaur models are sure to keep you on your toes whilst also boasting some of the most lifelike designs you’ll find in the city. Forget the Natural History Museum, here you’ll truly be running for your life.


With its own function venue bistro, and of course golf course, the Silvermere golf club is perfect for the inner-city dweller looking for a dose of the fresh air and some ball putting to go with it. Silvermere is perfect for both the experienced and the beginner due to its 18-hole golf course topped with a whopping 2 tier 52 bay driving range. The hi-tech computer systems at the driving range help you to record and mark your progress, whilst beginners can enjoy a golf academy any day of the week.


This is a great one for friends looking for a great night or day out in Shoreditch. Situated very close to our very own Montcalm London City at The Brewery Hotel, the Swingers indoor crazy golf venue incorporates intense 9 hole mini golf with great locally brewed beer and a club house which promises a stylish night club scene. There is also food on tap in the form of street food vendors such as Pizza Pilgrims and Patty & Bun.

Putt in the Park, Battersea

With the beautiful Battersea Park setting a background, this 9 hole golf course is a communal and all inclusive fresh air experience in the heart of South London. What better way to spend a day in the park than with a bit of mini golf? With local amenities such as cafes and playgrounds in the vicinity, you can be sure to find a range of activities to keep the family entertained.

Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf

Tonbridge’s Dino Golf experience is like no other. With dinosaur obstacles and bones alongside a terrifying T Rex soundscape, the Dino golf course is both a challenging course for all ages and a great adventure all round. Whether you’re looking for a children’s birthday or out on a work do, the Dino Golf course will bring you everything you need for a competitive and fun challenge.