Many British gameshow watchers who remember the 90’s will smile fondly when The Crystal Maze is mentioned. This game show followed a team as they tried to retrieve a collection of crystals through time constrained puzzle games in a wide variety of themed rooms. The craze has been rekindled as the game show is set to be revived for the television whilst a version is available for people to book in London. These games have become a great team building exercise, either for parties or work dos, and have sparked a range of variations of locked room puzzle games. For guests at the Montcalm Chiswell Street who’d like to try something different on their visit to London, then one of the many locked room games in the city may be for you.


The Crystal Maze

This crowdfunded game show revamp gives players the chance to relive The Crystal Maze game show in all its glory. With a team of 8, you can dash through the four zones. These are Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval, which will test both your physical and mental skills as you race to earn as many crystals as possible, eventually leading to your final showdown against the Crystal Dome. Tickets for the Crystal Maze London experience must be booked well in advance due to the popularity of the game show but when your day finally comes, it’s well worth the wait.


Cluequest gives you the chance to join the ranks of Mr Q’s secret agents in a wide array of sixty minute missions that pit you against the clock to solve and foil the evil Professor Blacksheep. With three different missions to choose from at a number of different difficulties, these games will test your metal and your teamwork, making it a great work outing and a fun yet tense time for all parties involved.

Enigma Escape

Enigma Escape are another London based Escape game company who offer players two intense variations of their escape games, meticulously designed to be as realistic as possible. Each aspect has been thought and planned to perfection, meaning that there is no chance involved, just your logic skills and initiative. What’s more, the puzzle games have characters built in whose stories are full of depth and who you meet over just one of the many moments in their story. This gives the game series staying power, players wanting to return to play the other game. Currently there are two games, with more in development.

Escape Game

Handmade Mysteries

Crawl down the rabbit hole with Handmade Mysteries. Guests at Boutique Hotels in London will find an even more boutique experience in Handmade Mysteries escape rooms which they describe as more like “escapism rooms” due to their fantastical nature. For a quirkier voice in the escape room industry, Hadmade Mysteries are the company to turn to.


Lock’ds draw is in the wide variety of games on offer by the company. From deciphering the last will of a multimillionaire grandfather to foiling an international art robbery, Lock’d has several absorbing and mind boggling locked room games to sample. And like with many of these companies, their list of game rooms is only growing and allows you to have an hour of team building and problem solving.

Mystery Squad

Mystery Squad are unique in that they’ll contact you with a time and a place in which to meet in an unknown location in London before immersing you in a mystery game, pitting you against the clock. These include the “death of Shelby Waters” in which players must solve the murder of a Massachusetts Professor before the killer strikes again.