The Christmas period is full of wonder and excitement in London. With so much to do in the area, there’s always something to explore. From the dazzling Christmas markets to hideaway grottos throughout the city, there’s so much to do that it can often be hard to choose between the sea of events. One all round family pleaser is the Winter Wonderland found in Hyde Park. Hyde Park itself is a must for any London first timer; it’s historical monuments, grand artistic sculptures and hundreds of acres of nature steeped tranquillity are an attraction of its own right. The Winter Wonderland, which graces the park up until the beginning of January 2018, is one of the go to attractions this season. This annual market is full to the brim with carnival attractions, fun fair rides, market stalls and bars the likes of which can’t be found in any other city.

Winter Wonderland

About Hyde Park

Before you hit Winter Wonderland this season, it might be a good idea to know a little more about Hyde Park itself. The Grade I listed park is in the centre of London, overlooking such attractions as Oxford Circus, Buckingham Palace and the Royal Albert Hall. It is also near some of the best Business Hotels in London, making it a perfect getaway from that hectic day of meetings, or in fact a great day out for your team. For the families visiting the park, the Diana Memorial playground is an innovative playground which is situated near to the Hyde Park Café. On top of this, the Serpentine Gallery often holds exhibitions from some of today’s best artists. Before you even reach Winter Wonderland there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

What you can find at Winter Wonderland

So on to the Wonderland itself. Open from 10am till 10pm every day except Christmas Day, the closed off part of the park is home to countless attractions and stalls. Some parts of Winter Wonderland are ticketed whilst others are included within the entry ticket itself. This event is especially suited to family outings and romantic getaways, due to the wonderful plethora of events on.

Zippos Circus

The Zippo Circus has come to Winter Wonderland! With a special bitesize show at 45 minutes, this show is great for the old and young alike due to its shorter running time. With incredible works from clowns, acrobats and magicians, everybody will be thrilled by the performances showcased at this internationally renowned theatre. On top of this, the Circus Megadome is the largest tent structure in the UK and is gifted with indoor heating and show food stalls. In the winter cold you can snack on candy floss, popcorn and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Not a bad range of snacks for one of the most popular circus shows in the world.

The UK’s largest Ice Rink

Complete with live music from a band stand, the largest ice rink in the country comes to Winter Wonderland every day of the festival. With an atmosphere rich in romance, you can keep warm on those cold days by gliding along the ice. The possibilities are endless with the ever-popular ice rink, whether you’re with friends, family or that special someone. What’s great about the ice rink is that it’s suitable for all ages and caters for rented ice skating shoes of all sizes. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, there’s nothing quite like ice skating under the glittering lights of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Cinderella on Ice

One of the events which takes daily on the ice skating rink is the Cinderella on Ice performance which melds meticulous and awe-inspiring ice skating with one of the most well-known fairy tales of all time. Taking a new twist on the fairy tale, the story injects vibrant modernity into the show, partly credited to the 18 world class skaters performing the show and in part due to the cutting edge special effects and lighting. Whether it’s the cast of World, European and National Championship level sportsmen or the visual effects incorporating rain and fire, you’ll be lost for words, whether you’re a fan of ice skating or not.

Sooty Christmas Show

Visiting any attraction in London with young children can be taxing, especially if they’re not easily pleased! If you’re staying at one of the Montcalm London City Hotels and you’re stuck for things to do with the little ones, then why not take them dowen to Winter Wonderland for the Sooty Christmas Show. With the “hand of Sooty” Richard Cadell in tow to help proceedings, this show promises to be jam packed with variety performances which will even make the adults laugh with joy. The music and magic incorporated into the variety show will keep all ages enthralled and will kickstart your Winter Wonderland day with some festive chuckles, from 11am every day.

Bar Ice

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an evening with friends or that special someone, then look no further than Bar Ice. This extraordinary bar in the heart of Winter Wonderland is made entirely of ice and is kept at a sub zero minus 10 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry though, Winter Wonderland will be on hand to provide you with some winter wares to fend off the cold whilst you sip on some of the best cocktails made by world class mixologists. This year’s design is that of an Ancient Greek temple, transporting you back to a mythical time of ice columns and sculptures. To add a dash of the modern, Smirnoff are selling their crisp and refreshing Vodka alongside Smirnoff Remix flavoured shots. This is truly a night you’ll remember, even if you have had one too many.

Market stalls

Looking for a bite to eat? Winter Wonderland is playing host to a vast range of stalls selling everything from bratwurst to vegan. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find the best in street food in the countless stalls in Winter Wonderland. On top of food you can find a plethora of memorabilia available on site so you, friends and family can truly remember your trip.