Where The Stars are all Yours to be Viewed


If you have never tried watching the stars on a clear sky, then you have missed nothing less than the heaven itself. There is nothing on this universe that compares with this unique experience. It does not matter of what age group you are – the mesmerizing sight of stars twinkling for miles at a stretch is simply captivating. “I can watch stars from my backyard, so what’s the big deal?” If this is what you are thinking right now, then you are really going to miss out on an experience of your lifetime. There are some patches of the dark sky that reveal more stars than any place else.

The International Dark Sky Association makes out a List

The International Dark Sky Association has worked meticulously to arrive at a list of locations all over the world from where the maximum number of stars, meteors and constellations are visible. These are some of the best sites to sit and view the sky at your heart’s pleasure. You may also find elements of meteorological, astrological and astronomical interest in the viewing and may learn quite a bit about the wonder that is called the galaxy or the Milky Way.

The Westhavelland Nature Park in Germany

This is one of the best locations to provide you with beautiful smog – free view of the night sky. The place is located just some 100 km from Berlin and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. the Aurora Borealis is a bonus view. Some spectacular views of the Milky Way which are hitherto unseen from anywhere else on the earth, are available here. You may visit this place between the middle of May and middle of July for the best effect. During this time of the year, the night sky is absolutely clear and pitch dark. Some of the extras include watching the zodiacal light or the dust scattering the sunlight over the entire extent of the sky.

The Nine Arch Bridge at Hungary’s Hortobagy National Park

If you are visiting this wildlife sanctuary in Hungary, you must not miss the night sky, which is an integral part of the conservation program here. The National Park offers amazing “star walks”, that includes not only the viewing of the stars but also some of the rarest migratory birds, as an add – on. Move on a little bit and visit the Zselic Starry Sky Park, which gives some of the best glimpses of the zodiacal light.