Who needs Paris or New York? We have London baby!


London is a very special place for me, I love everything about the city it offers excitement, romance, celebration, business and more!

If you are looking to make a trip to the city, either for the first time or for a romantic break then you should definitely weigh up your options. There are many places for you to be able to walk to and enjoy a drink of your choice with a loved one, be able to have space and privacy and not be bothered so gazing into each-other’s eyes and being able to whisper sweet nothings will be a doddle, London is one of the most romantic places I have ever visited, this is why I love being here so much, you can celebrate being in love and being together.

If you are looking at doing a little more than sharing a drink, then there are many romantic restaurants for you to be able to choose from, some are down on the ground and others are high in the sky, there is nothing better than getting the heart racing with a little height and spectacular views of the city. Many of the restaurants and bars that are labelled as being romantic will have mood lighting, space for privacy, fresh flowers and candle lit tables. If I have learnt anything about my travels over the years, it is that London knows how to romance, not only within the chosen establishment, but the city as whole, it is a romantic and joyous place to be, any given opportunity and I am there.

Finding a cosy place in the big city is not difficult, there are many choices for you and no doubt it will not take you long to find your perfect place. Some will offer open fires, candle light, mood lighting, music of love, others will have the perfect ambience, some with have a great atmosphere, some will have the whole package and some will have one thing that shines above the rest; your loved one at your table. It’s not only the bars and restaurants, but also the accommodation London city has to offer. Your entire romantic weekend awaits you.