You need to stay in a hotel if….


A perfect holiday starts with the right accommodation. These days, there are plenty of options available, including couch surfing, homestays, hostels, apartments and of course, hotels. Each alternative offers different standard of services and amenities, so finding your ideal lodging is very much about knowing your own requirements as well as the level of comfort you need.

While there is no hard and fast rule on how to choose the right Accommodation near Brewery Road London City, below are some tale-tell signs of a traveller who will be better off investing in a hotel rather than other types of lodging:

1. You feel claustrophobic in small spaces.

2. You don’t like sharing a room with others.

3. You can’t sleep through noise.

4. You prefer not to socialise, or you need private space in order to relax.

5. You like to sleep in a big bed.

6. You don’t like to clean up after yourself when you are on holiday.

7. You like your meals cooked to order, and you would rather not have to cook your own meals.

8. You have to work when you are away from home, so you can’t afford to miss any sleep.

9. You prefer to have your needs taken care of by others; for example, having taxi or dinner bookings organised for you.

10. You abhor at the idea of having to bring items such as towels, sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners.

The advantages of hotels over the other forms of accommodation include bigger spaces, quieter surroundings and privacy.

Apartments could offer some of these attributes, but it would depend on whether you choose a small studio or one with more bedrooms. Couch surfing, homestays and hostels might be cheaper but would most likely involve sharing a room with others. These alternatives are therefore noisier as they are much more social.

For business or leisure travellers who would rather not have to worry about cleaning up after themselves in any way, or would like to receive additional services such as wake-up calls and room service, hotel accommodation remains the only way to access these offerings.