7 Things in London You Should Do More Than Once

Oxford Street

If you’ve not made a visit to London lately, then you most definitely should be thinking of putting it on your to-do list for 2020.

You might think that you’ve already experienced everything the city has to offer at least once during previous stays with the Montcalm at the Brewery London city, but revisiting a few of your all-time favourite attractions can help you uncover the hidden gems that you perhaps missed the first time around. For places you have already visited, a return trip is a wonderful way to rediscover the reasons why you enjoyed your time there previously.

To help you make a bucket list of things to see the second (or maybe third) time around, here are just a few of the most popular things to do in London that we think everyone should experience more than once.

The London Eye

London is a dynamic city with an incredible skyline, so if you haven’t enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the capital lately, maybe it’s time to take another look?

With buildings constantly being revamped and even rebuilt, the skyline changes more quickly than you might think. If you are staying at one of our discount hotels London and find yourself at a loose end during the day, head to the London Eye to reacquaint yourself with this sprawling metropolis and take a view aerial pictures.

The Tate Modern

One of the most iconic art galleries in the world, it is impossible to pay a visit to the Tate Modern and have the same experience twice.

With an ever-changing calendar of events and new exhibitions being created every few months, we highly recommend going back to this venue a second or third time. Each visit is sure to introduce you to new contemporary artists from all over the globe.

To reach the Tate Modern from our accommodation London city, hop on the number 4 bus from the Barbican stop and you’ll reach the gallery in just over 20 minutes.

The Barbican

If you are looking for things to do near Liverpool Street during your stay, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to revisit the Barbican.

As a cultural hub for live musical performances, classical and contemporary artists touring the UK often stop by the Barbican for a short spell. Planning a visit during your stay at the Montcalm at the Brewery London city means you’ll experience the amazing acoustics of this controversial venue all over again – and perhaps discover a new favourite performer or genre that wasn’t previously on your radar.

If you didn’t get the time to take a tour of the Barbican the last time you were in town, this is also an excellent opportunity to discover a little more about the love-hate relationship that Londoners have with the imposing structure as well as learnig more about the inspiration for its design.

The Natural History Museum

One of the most popular museums in the city, the Natural History Museum works hard to engage and attract visitors every year with an interesting array of new exhibitions.

Say hello to the giant blue whale before heading to the exhibition halls to discover the new Fantastic Beast: Wonders of Nature. This installation looks at the creatures from the natural worlds that have inspired myths and legends for centuries.

You’ll also be able to find out more about the intrepid explorers who first identified some of the more unusual species we share our planet with. Whatever your interests, this is a fascinating attraction for those staying at our discount hotels London.

Take a stroll around Hyde Park

With so many London restaurants offering an array of tempting treats and delectable meals, getting a little fresh air in the heart of the city is an easy way of burning off those excess calories.

Even if you’ve paid a visit to this immaculately maintained green space before, there are always outdoor art installations to be found around Serpentine Lake and new exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery to be enjoyed.

The park also takes on a new feel during the different months of the year. Whenever you plan to visit, be sure to spend a few hours at Hyde Park. It offers the chance to reconnect with nature for those staying at our accommodation London city.

Hit Oxford Street

If you’ve had your fill of London restaurants and museums, then why not treat yourself to a little retail therapy during your stay at the Montcalm at the Brewery London city?

Styles change as quickly as the seasons, so make a day of it and give your wardrobe a refresh in one of the capital’s most popular retail districts. With a fantastic selection of big brands and high street names, Oxford Street is a real Mecca for the dedicated follower of fashion and has plenty of retail outlets to keep even the most demanding of shoppers happy for a few hours.

Browse Old Spitalfields Market

By booking a stay with us at one of our discount hotels London, you are sure to save yourself enough cash for few treats to take home with you too!

If you don’t want to travel too far, there are still plenty of things to do near Liverpool Street. At Old Spitalfields Market, you’ll never find the same item for sale twice, so even if you’ve been several times before, each visit promises to be totally unique. In fact, you’re almost certain to find something different whatever your tastes on each trip. From handmade jewellery, artisan leather bags and one-off pieces of clothing to collectable vinyl and games, this popular spot certainly draws in the crowds exactly because there are so many items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Better still, Old Spitalfields Market is easily reached from our hotels. Go to Moorgate Station to hop on the tube, or if you are feeling a little more energetic, walk. The journey takes just under 20 minutes at a gentle pace.