Things To Do In A Wintery London

Things To Do In A Wintery London

London actually gets a pretty bad wrap in the winter.

Sure the days are short, the skies are grey, the temperature is low and the rain falls all the time- but we Brits are prepared for the rain, we have places to keep warm and the city remains open and welcoming.

If you’re looking for a cheaper city break to take advantage of the best London hotel deals, then visiting in the winter can be a great idea. The fires are lit in the pubs, hot chocolates and mulled wines are abundant and there are significantly fewer people visiting all the things you’d like to see.

Besides, London in the winter is not always grey and rainy, we have our fair share of stunning blue skies and cold crisp mornings. Come February the sun is out, the temperature is up and the chill in the air has a distinct Spring feeling to it.

Book a room at The Montcalm London City and explore this stunning metropolis in peace and quiet. Even if it does rain whilst you are here there is plenty to see and do, so pack some warm clothes and go exploring.

Let’s take a look at the best activities on offer in a wintery London.

The Christmas Period

London at Christmas is a whole new type of magic.

Dazzling lights appear all over the city, shops offer christmas treats and the smell of mulled wine is heavy in the air.

Yes it’s cold, but put some gloves on and experience London at its best- get out there and soak up the Christmas spirit at these stunning holiday events.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

The light displays in London during the festive period are the stuff of legend. Oxford Street, Regent’s Street, Leicester Square and other places all over the city put up world class lights.

They hang from buildings, drape over the streets and fill the stores with glittering joy. Christmas trees pop up all over the city, everywhere you go the Christmas spirit will be there.



Ice skating rinks will also pop up around the city for the holiday period, offering fun and hilarious times at stunning locations.

The Somerset House rink is one of the most popular in the city and the hot chocolates flow freely! You can also check out the Natural History Museum’s rink for one of the most beautiful skating spots you’ve ever seen; right under the gorgeous museum itself and the local trees.

Winter Wonderland

The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has become a holiday sensation over the last decade.

This Christmas Theme park/ carnival has something for all ages. Ride the adrenaline fuelled rides, meet Father Christmas in his grotto and play carnival games late into the night.

There is great food, music and even more ice skating. This amazing festival continues through to New Year as well, so don’t worry about missing out!

Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

London is quite famous for its markets that are permanent fixtures throughout the city, but when Christmas rolls around a whole new set of winter markets appear as if by magic.

Hosted in little wooden alpine huts, these stalls offer amazing foods, boutique supplies, handcrafted gifts and pretty much anything else you can think of that revolve around Christmas.

The Rest of the Winter

Once the Christmas period has concluded, London goes back to a somewhat normal life- but that does not mean there is nothing to do!

Everything that is great about London stays open all year. The main difference is that the people all disappear.

Here are some of the best things to do on a winter’s day in London.

The Museums & Galleries

London is known around the world for its incredible culture, and nowhere displays this more clearly than the city’s awesome museums and galleries.

The British Museum is one of the most comprehensive and complete collections focussed on the history and culture of Humankind on earth. The National Gallery plays host to some of the most stunning works of art ever produced by the greatest painters who have ever lived, and the history of the natural world is brought to life in stunning fashion at the Natural History Museum.

The very best thing about all these wonderful places? They are all open, for free, to anyone throughout the year.

The Pubs

The Pubs

Another thing London is famous for is its incredible pubs, bars and drinking establishments.

You’re never too far from a pub in the city, and during the winter months you’ll find roaring fires and cosy snugs where you can rest your feet and warm your cockles.

Most of the pubs in the city will offer food and incredible drinks menus, so why not treat yourself to some traditional pub grub whilst you warm up?

The Markets

The permanent markets that can be found throughout the city are one of the major reasons why one should explore London in the winter.

Places like the world famous Borough Market offer some of the best food in the city from their 100+ food vendors, and gorgeous local produce- its a foodie’s heaven.

You can explore vintage clothing and great music at the Camden Markets, or shop for brick-a-brack at the historic Greenwich Market.

There are hundreds to explore across the city, so what are you waiting for?

The Usual Suspects

People often assume that there is nothing to do in Londen over the winter, but in actuality all of the things that open in the summer for tourists, are open in the winter too!

Ride the London Eye with minimal queueing time, head into St. Paul’s Cathedral and explore the Tower of London.

The city is ready and waiting for you, don’t miss out just because it’s a bit chilly!

Wintery London Could be the Best London!

So there you have it, everything that London has to offer visitors during the winter months. If anything there is more to see and do, and fewer people around to slow you down!

Experience the city to its fullest and feel comfortable in the knowledge that your hotel provides the famous Montcalm afternoon tea, so you’ll be able to wind down in style at the finest accommodation London City has to offer; The Montcalm at the Brewery. 

Make the most of your next trip to London, get out there and explore- just make sure you have warm clothes and an umbrella handy!