10 ways to Immerse Yourself In Culture At London’s Covent Garden!

covent garden

Covent Garden is one of the most popular parts of London, and has particular appeal with visitors to the city. In this blog, we’ll tell you a little more about some of our favourite cultural spaces in the district…

See a West End show

Covent Garden and London’s West End are forever linked, and this is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the theatrical scene. The West End is particularly important to Londoners, as the theatres here have developed over centuries and respect the ongoing traditions which make British theatre so spectacular.

Talent from around the world is drawn here, with a combination of both new releases and long-running shows for you to sample. If you feel spontaneous, simply take a trip to the West End and find your perfect show. To ensure you get the seats you want, instead book in advance at the box office while enjoying the best London hotel deals.

Take a tour of the Royal Opera House

If you don’t have time to see a show live, then don’t despair – the Royal Opera House is the perfect way to ensure you soak up plenty of theatrical spectacle regardless! Founded in 1848, here you can explore the remarkable architecture which helps to define the space, and find out more about the stories and artists who have performed here over the years.

Tours take place regularly, but you’ll also have the opportunity to simply enjoy the ambiance at the adjoining cafe or roof terrace, as well as seeing a series of acclaimed shows throughout the year.

Explore the London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is one of the city’s most treasured museums, and its ideally situated for visitors to the Brewery London City Hotel, within the heart of Covent Garden.

This museum details the development and history of the city’s vast and diverse transport system, as well as covering all these fascinating details in a fun and interactive way. It’s become particularly beloved by children, thanks in part to the vast collection of transportation relics which can be found here, including everything from buses to maps and old train carriages.

Likewise, for anyone who has an interest in transport, trains or automotive history, this will surely be a must-see attraction.

See local architecture at Neal’s Yard

Arguably the most beautiful part of Covent Garden, Neal’s Yard is certainly the most colourful. With painted shops and small alleyways where you’ll find unexpected boutiques, this part of the city offers ample opportunities for budding photographers to take some truly beautiful snaps.

It offers a slightly different pace of life to many other areas in London, with a number of shops which are dedicated to the wellness industry and health. For many years, stores in Neal’s Yard have become notorious for their ethical practices – so if this sounds like your ideal shopping district, then you’re in luck.

Visit the London Film Museum

First intended to be a temporary exhibition showcasing cars from the James Bond films, the London Film Museum has proven so popular that it seems to now be a permanent fixture.

If you’re a film buff who wants to indulge their passion, then this is a must-see cultural treat in Covent Garden.

Enjoy local cuisine at Seven Dials Market

Together with all the other fantastic cultural experiences in Covent Garden, Seven Dials Market is a must-visit for anyone who calls themselves a foodie. It was first built during the 19th century, and used primarily as a warehouse where new and exotic foods were stored. In tribute to these early days, the market is now divided into two areas known as Banana Warehouse and Cucumber Alley, which offer both fresh produce and spectacular street food.

There’s something for everyone here, including an impressive selection for vegans and vegetarians. Carnivorous foodies needn’t feel left out, either – and this is a great place to visit while staying at luxury hotels for families.

Visit a stunning London tavern

Covent Garden’s Mr Fogg’s Tavern is one of the city’s most opulent themed pubs. Centred around the world of Phileas Fogg, the protagonist of the famed Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days, the pub represents a particularly eccentric and decorative place to enjoy a pint or a bite to eat.

You certainly won’t forget your visit here, as there’s lots to see and do including marvelling at the memorabilia which has been collected over the years and joining other guests in a rousing sing-a-long of old cockney music hall songs. The drinks menu is extensive, so if you feel like a celebration, this would be the perfect place to start!

Go on a shopping spree

While the city offers plenty of great shopping opportunities, Covent Garden is without doubt one of the very best places to shop till you drop. Here you’ll find everything from designer boutiques to small independent brands, providing something for everyone.

The shopping scene is always developing, so on each trip you’ll be given the opportunity to find something new. This is also a great space to grab a few souvenirs while staying at the City Hotel London.

Visit a local comedy club

London is home to a wide variety of great comedy venues and a thriving local comedy scene. From here, many of the best contemporary comedic careers have been launched, giving you the chance to see stars in the ascendant perform for a live crowd.

Covent Garden includes some of the best comedy clubs anywhere in the city. One of our favourites is the Covent Garden Comedy Club, independently run and giving you the chance to have a few laughs while immersing yourself in local culture.

Head to Cecil Court

While there are a number of historic areas in London, Cecil Court remains one of the quaintest, and it is also largely unchanged since its heyday in the 17th century. Today it is filled with booksellers, and some of the city’s last working gas lamps. If you’re a dedicated fan of local history, then this is a wonderful place to consider how the city must have looked a couple of centuries ago.