A First Timer’s Guide To Covent Garden


London’s busy Westminster area is teeming with unique attractions and things to do and is often the most visited part of the English capital for tourists. Home to business and governmental districts, its tourist attractions range from upscale bars and experiences like the Montcalm afternoon tea to magical West End shows.

One of the most visited areas in London’s Westminster area is Covent Garden, a centrally located shopping and entertainment district. If it’s your first stay at the Montcalm London City hotel, this blog will outline some hints and tips to help you make the most of the wonderful Covent Garden district.

History Of Covent Garden

Firstly, let’s shed a little light on why Covent Garden is such an important asset to London’s culture scene. Firstly, the district of Covent Garden may have roots as the heart of a small trading town just outside of Roman Londinium. Covent Garden then, has been a hub for commerce since at least the 4th century AD. It didn’t develop into the thriving district it is today until the 16th century when the dissolution of the monasteries took place and the Bedford Estate was born, from which trade, commerce and entertainment slowly developed. Before that it was part of a religious community’s fields and gardens – a convent estate, or, to use the Anglo French word: “Covent”.

Home Of High Quality Shopping 

Nowadays, the small lanes surrounding Covent Garden are known for their beautiful shops and outlets. The lanes, colloquially known as the Seven Dials, are popular with both tourists and adults and include indoor street markets, the blink and you’ll miss it multicoloured square of Neal’s Yard and even a discount Nike outlet. Guests of the best London hotel deals with a penchant for shopping should definitely consider the area of Covent Garden their first port of call. 

And Historic Markets 

One of the most famous areas of Covent Garden is its historic sheltered market. This has its roots in a fruit and vegetable market that was set up during the reign of Charles I, and has direct links to the Earl of Bedford’s estate that existed in the area. The market has come a long way since, including outlets for independent jewelers and fashion designers as well as eco-friendly soap shop Lush and London’s very own Moomin shop. 

Heart Of The West End 

If shopping’s not your thing, then guests of accommodation London City should consider visiting Covent Garden for its entertainment. The likes of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Lyceum, Royal Opera House and many more West End venues can be found around Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Museums

Museums in Covent Garden are often overlooked due to the abundance of famous museums a little further afield. The museums situated in Covent Garden include the London Transport Museum and the London Film Museum. The latter is especially overlooked because the British Film Institute is just a short walk away on the South Bank. The London Film Museum, however, is home to temporary exhibitions which in the past have included “Bond In Motion”, which was so popular it lasted for 7 years. Now a photography exhibition exploring the Harry Potter film series has taken over the Wellington Street space.