Enjoy a fun-filled February in London


London is buzzing with a variety fun activities and event in the month of February, making it a perfect month to be in the city. It’s a special month when you start smelling the upcoming spring, get over the vegan and dry January schedules and feel settled in the new year. So, if you are planning a trip to the city in the fabulous month of February then you should book yourself a comfortable and luxurious accommodation in London.

The most popular event to look out for this month are Valentine’s Day- attend this event in London with your loved one and take back special memories, food lovers can enjoy the fun way Pancake Tuesday is celebrated in the city and then there is the huge Chinese New Year celebrations that are can be enjoyed with friends and family in the heart of London city.

These exciting celebrations and the events related to them are mostly organised in the central part of the city. Keeping that in mind, its best to book a hotel that is in central London, is close to the celebrations and is easily accessible by public transport that makes your commute easy and convenient. Ticking all these boxes is the Montcalm hotel in London city. Featuring modern interiors and contemporary facilities along with hospitable services that will make your stay truly memorable in London, this hotel is perfect for all types of visitors.

Valentine’s Day

If you are in the city to celebrate Valentine’s Day here what you can do with your loved one. This is the perfect time to discover London’s romantic side. On Valentine’s Day in London you can indulge in a variety of different activities that you and your loved one enjoy doing together. You can book yourself a nice cosy dinner at one of the many London’s popular restaurants that offer great food, ambience, music and views.


Dine with a difference and enjoy a magical dinner in Harry Potter’s Great hall at the Warner Bros. studio.
Plan a surprise date with The Sensory Dining Experience at the Arch London featuring love potions and an extensive dinner menu.
Get a real ice bar experience at Eis Haus.
Take the Thames city cruise for a romantic dinner or afternoon tea.

The Pancake Tuesday

One can not give a miss to the fun Pancake Day in London also known as the Shrove Tuesday. This day is a traditional feast day which precedes the 40-day fasting period of Lent that lasts until Easter. On this day, you can obviously indulge in some delicious pancakes being served by several restaurants in the city and participate in the traditional Pancake Day races in London. You can choose to race or watch the racing event where participants toss pancakes in a frying pan while running to reach the finish line. You can witness the fun at:


• Parliamentary Pancake Race outside the Houses of Parliament.
• The Flipping Marvellous Pancake Race
• Better Bankside Pancake Day Race at the Borough Market.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year London

The Chinese New Year celebrations in the city are also grand and must- witness. This event is free and the largest Asian event outside Asia. It includes a Chinese New Year parade, one-day festival in Trafalgar Square and exploring the amazing Chinese cuisine and food at China Town. This year, they will be celebrating the year of the dog according to Chinese zodiac calendar.