London Life Hacks for Beating City Stress


London can be an incredibly stressful city if you allow it to be. Like with any high-density population, the ebb and flow of people can lead to higher stress levels and a faster pace of life. This can raise tensions and with a city like London where you’re constantly bombarded with new things to do, you’ll sometimes be exposed too much stimulation. If you’re new to the city, this can be rather overwhelming and making sure that you are keeping a tab on both your physical and mental wellbeing is extremely important, especially if you’re supposed to be having a relaxing holiday.

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If you’re visiting hotels near Moorgate and central London for business, then it’s also vital that you keep your stress levels low; after all, stressful business trips will lessen your productivity. Below are some handy hints for keeping on top of your mental wellbeing whilst in London.

Organise your time well

There are so many things to do in the city of London that it can often be difficult to manage your time properly. You don’t want to miss that West End show because you got too absorbed in Camden Market. Neither do you want to miss that hotel booking because you got stuck in tube during rush hour. Remember that London is incredibly large and may take longer than you think to travel across. If travelling across the city at peak times, factor in a little bit extra to make sure that you reach your destination when you’re supposed to.

Ensure you have time to relax before bed

Wherever you’re staying during your visit, give yourself a little time to relax. Watch a movie, read a book, or simply have a cat nap. Everyone needs a little time to decompress, so before going to sleep, make sure you have time to unwind and relax. Your body needs to digest the day’s events and rest up, the same with your brain, and that’s partly what sleep’s for. Before you can go to sleep though, you’ll need to let your body relax into itself during a buffer period of rest.

Gift yourself with some “me time” every day

If you’re visiting the city with family, then it’s always a good idea to ensure that you allow yourself some time to yourself. This means some time out from the family, giving yourself an hour to take that walk or visit that shop which no one else wanted to come with you to. During business trips, you’ll be faced with a tight itinerary, but make sure you have an hour or two to breathe in the city on your own terms. Broaden your horizons and see the world through your own eyes.

Plan your trip ahead of time

Holidays with the family can be very difficult to coordinate. This can lead to some unhappy holidaymakers, unable to fit everything they want to do into their trip. This might mean doing some research during the downtime you have at your accommodation, and it might also mean planning before you even make the trip. Whether it’s online or through a guide book, ensure that you plan ahead so as to avoid any stress on your arrival.

Try some stretches and yoga exercises in your room

Energise yourself in the morning. Get yourself ready for the London air and contorted shapes you’ll be pulling in the busy underground by doing some yoga or stretches when you first wake up. Yoga and stretching is not only good for your body, but for your mind too. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you find the stretches that cater to your needs. Whether it’s some sun salutations or hamstring stretches, keeping flexible for the always active city will ensure that you’re in a good state to meet the day head on, with the great posture to match.

Make the most of your hotel’s fitness and spa centres

With accommodation like the Montcalm hotel near the Brewery London offering up massages and spa services as well as a fitness centre, you can keep fit whilst on the go. These all-encompassing gyms will keep you relaxed, especially if you’re a business traveller who’s been cooped up in business meetings all day.