Must-See Landmarks Of London


London is almost two millennia old, meaning that as a city, it has amassed a great many landmarks that have stood the test of time. As the capital of England, it’s also teeming with historic buildings linked to the monarchy and the government of the country. Guests of Montcalm Hotel deals are within easy reach of some of the country’s most iconic buildings and landmarks, bolstered by nippy transport links and walking routes, meaning that it’s easier than ever to tick off some of the London city sights from your bucket list.

So if you’re a first time guest of London hotel packages this summer, these world-renowned landmarks should be top of your bucket list. The below sights merge the historic with the powerful, architecture with art and above all, help tell the rich story of the City of London.

Houses of Parliament 

Originally known as the Palace of Westminster, a fire burnt down the original ruling headquarters for the country in 1836. This mediaeval structure was replaced with what stands today – the Houses of Parliament. Built between the 1840s and 70s, the Houses of Parliament encompasses the House of Commons and Elizabeth Tower – colloquially known as Big Ben.

This 96 metre tall clocktower is one of the most prominent landmarks along the Westminster stretch of the River Thames, but the interior of the Houses of Parliament can be toured for free too. If you’re a guest of 5 star hotels in London and have a distinct interest in British politics, then you can even sign up to sit in on the debates that occur in this stunning Gothic spired government complex.

St Paul’s Cathedral 

Built in the 17th century, St Paul’s Cathedral has been rebuilt several times, most notably after the Great Fire of London in 1666. The current structure, located on Ludgate Hill in the City of London district, was built by famous architect Sir Christopher Wren and has been the venue for many state funerals and even royal weddings. The interior is astounding, including the likes of the Whispering Hall that leverages the domed shape of the main building to create incredible acoustics. Alongside carol and church services, visitors can enjoy touring this Anglican Cathedral, the origins of which date back to 604 AD, on a daily basis. 

The Tower Of London 

The oldest still operational palace in England, the Tower of London was built in 1078 off the back of the Norman invasion of Great Britain. Still guarded by a battalion of Yeoman Warders, the Tower includes landmarks such as the White Tower and the Jewel House. The latter is home to the Crown Jewels of England, whilst the former includes St John’s Chapel, a Norman era church that is still used today for the Tower and royal guard inhabitants of the Tower’s complex. Visitors can still enjoy tours of the Tower today, with a great many exhibitions presenting artefacts from its history.

The Tower of London has played an important role in the history of England, and its role has shifted considerably over the years. For a broad and rich overview of London’s history, guests of the Montcalm Brewery Hotel London should definitely consider a visit to this fascinating and expansive landmark.