A Vegan’s Guide to London


With trends like Veganuary and Meat Free Monday gaining more and more popularity, it is no wonder that so many amazing spots across London selling delicious Vegan food without ever compromising on flavour. Being Vegan never has to hold you back when it comes to eating out in London, as the following places make loud and clear.

Vegan restaurants


Mildred’s is one of, if not the most loved vegan and vegetarian restaurant in London, with four locations across the city. If you are staying in accommodation near Brewery Road, then you are just a twenty minute walk from the Kings Cross branch. Otherwise, if you are staying in a 5 star hotel in London, Soho, you’ll find Mildred’s Soho branch at the heart of it. Good vegan food is always defined by its focus on flavour, with Mildred’s offering up flavours from all across the world. This is not the kind of restaurant where you only find vegetarians and vegans, either – it is the type that has meat-eaters flocking to tuck into the beetroot white bean burger or the carrot goji berry quinoa.

Address: 45 Lexington Street, Soho, London, W1F 9AN
9 Jamestown Road, Camden, London, NW1 7BW
200 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9JP
1 Dalston Square, Dalston, London, E8 3GU

by Chloe

Four seems to be the magic number when it comes to vegan hotspots, because there are four by Chloe branches across London. This is not just a London-thing, either – there are branches across the world, all the way from New York City to Toronto. If you are staying at the Montcalm Hotel London City, then your best bet if you want to try some by Chloe goodness is to head to the city center. The branch in Oxford Circus is absolutely perfect for those needing a vegan-fix whilst shopping on Oxford Street. Everything you thought a vegan couldn’t dream of eating is right there, 100% plant based, from the creamiest mac and cheese with a sweet potato cashew cheese sauce to British fish and chips (crispy tofu) and a wide selection of drool-worthy ice cream flavours. They have done all the hard work – all you have to do is arrive.

Address: Drury House, Covent Garden, 34-43 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HA
One Tower Bridge, 6 Duchess Walk, London SE1 2SD
4-5 Langham Place, Oxford Circus, Marylebone, London W1B 3DG
The O2, Ground Floor, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Temple of Seitan

Though vegans are obviously all about looking after their bodies, it is a common misconception that vegans only want to eat strictly healthy food… and that just isn’t true. In fact, it is often fast food that new vegans miss the most, because there just isn’t much of a market for it. Not to mention, not every vegan on a whirlwind tour of London has time for sit-down meals for every meal. Well, Temple of Seitan are the masters of plant-based fast food, serving up all the classics like chicken wings and popcorn bites. It is greasy and delicious – a welcome relief sometimes for those on a veggie-dense diet.

Address: Temple of Camden, 103a Camley Street, N1C 4PF
Temple of Hackney, 5 Morning Lane, E9 6NA

Non-vegan restaurants

While the previously mentioned spots are vegan-heaven, there is no denying that some people just can’t be convinced by veganism – even if it is delicious. But don’t let that mean you can’t spend time with people who eat meat or dairy. Similarly to how the city is brimful of discount hotels London, it is also filled with restaurants that, though not vegan, serve cracking vegan options. Head to Honest Burgers – the Plant Burger is a plant-based burger with vegan smoked Gouda, Rubies in the Rubble Chipotle ‘Mayo’, mustard, red onion, pickles and lettuce. Or, if you were looking for the cheesy favourite (minus the dairy) of pizza, then head to Franco Manca and order any meatless pizza on their menu and ask them to swap the mozzarella with their vegan cheese option. There will be no regrets there. A bonus for vegans staying at and therefore dining at Montcalm restaurant Brewery Road, the menu at The Jugged Hare includes plant-based truffle and mushroom arancini, with tarragon mayonnaise and the coconut rice pudding, stewed plums,  honeycomb crunch are mighty fine options.


Would a vegan guide to the city be complete if it only had food recommendations? Certainly not. Being vegan is also a lifestyle choice, meaning that many (if not all) vegans also refrain from wearing clothes or owning products which are made with animal byproducts such as fur or skin. Here are the best places in London to get your hands on 100% cruelty free products.

Hackney’s Friendship are PETA Approved Vegan product and is the place to b-line if you are after vegan leather. They do classic brogue shoes and Dealer boots, beautiful and stylish bags as well as eye-catching belts. Not only are these great gifts to buy for yourselves, but they are also fantastic gifts for loved ones, both vegan and not vegan, because they are aesthetically indistinguishable from leather while being absent of any animal products.

Address: 272 Hackney Road, London E2 7SJ

Beauty products can be a big moral conundrum for a lot of vegans, because while many people need simple products like shampoo or moisturizer, not all of it has come from a particularly ethical chain. Head to Eden Perfumes – a vegan perfumery, proving that you can smell amazing, while still being completely vegan.

Address: 203 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 1LU

There you have it – enough suggestions for a vegan to continuously return to stay in Montcalm properties and try the whole lot! You will never find yourself hungry in London as a vegan, nor will you be forced into shopping in retail stores that are not in line with your veganism.